Bloodmilk on set

Bloodmilk on set portrait

Bloodmilk set wide

Bloodmilk set side

Bloodmilk set - book wall

Bloodmilk set - roots

Artwork digitally placed on floating papers.

Left -unretouched RAW Right - finished image


We were thrilled to create two portraits of writer and jewelry designer JL Schnabel, founder of Bloodmilk Jewelry and the deliciously enchanting blog of the same name.

To honor her artistry and writings, we decided to show her in the between spaces of air & earth, reality & dreams, and the living world & the realms beyond. We executed this concept by creating a custom set that was infused with books and the idea of the power behind their secrets. We digitally placed artworks created by artist Paul Romano onto the floating pages of the main image. We had her pose in the scene and then digitally removed her supports so she would appear to float. We additionally added smoke to further the mystery of the image.

For her second portrait, we portrayed her as a modern day Joan of Arc. She posed in the scene wearing a simple blouse, while holding swords. Later we digitally added the armor to her body.


photography, set design, compositing, digital manipulation

set design – 2 days
retouching – 20%
compositing and digital art – 80%