The Citrus Report

Greg Chambers


custom props and on-set pictures

Jersey graphics original and retouched

practical light FX & Ransom hamming it up on set

inspiration image


Mouse over the images for before and after.

Ransom & Mitchell created this image for an advertisement for the Citrus Report, a sub-brand of Upper Playground. The character portrayed is Greg Chambers an infamous womanizer who lives his life as if he were Burt Reynolds in 1976. The main image uses many subtle imagery from the Upper Playground brand including the infamous walrus from the brand logo, the “UP” medallion, the t-shirt the woman wears is from the Upper Playground clothing line and even Mr. Chambers’ own mustache resemble walrus tusks.

The hot tub image was shot with the actors sitting on a couch with an amber bounce light in front of them. The water was created later using a thin sheet of wavy plastic composited with real water to look like a roiling hottub, albeit in a very campy style.

For the scene with Greg Chambers as “Vanilla Thunder” (a tongue and cheek nod to the infamous late 70s era Nike poster of basketball player Darryl Dawkins as “Chocolate Thunder.”) We created the backdrop of stars practically by using an icepick to punch holes in to a blue sweep and then shone light behind it. The actor stood on shattered glass much like the original.


Citrus Report / Juxtapoz




photography, set design, digital manipulation

compositing – 65%
digital art – 35%