Monster Hunter

Monster concept sketch by Alex Pardee.

Close-ups of the monster.

Alex getting a touch-up from FX artist Margaret Carrigan (and showing off his pet frog).

Alex Pardee on set with monster in background.

Alex Pardee on set during shooting of lead image.

Swamp set was created with custom made cyprus trees, reeds and mylar water.


We created a series of portraits of the infamous monster creator, Alex Pardee of ZeroFriends in a manner befitting his innermost rough & tumble explorer.

We began by breathing life into one of his own sketches and created a formidable monster costume that featured a working tooth-filled mouth, oozing drool, and glowing eyes. Next we created a swamp set using sheets of mylar to create water and we built cyprus trees and reeds. (The creation of the monster and the set can seen on our process website.) We then used a liberal amount of digital artistry to illustrate the rest of the scene so it would look like a vast, muggy swamp.

Worth noting, if you visit our studio, TWO DARK still + motion, you’ll find the monster’s head properly mounted above the stairs (he doesn’t drool much anymore).


photography, set design, compositing, digital manipulation

set design – 2 days
compositing – 65%
digital art – 35%