Rainbow Beast

Behind the Scenes

Unretouched original image for CD cover.

The children were shot separately and added later. The suits were desaturated.

The children were colorized. Dripping rainbows and streams of paint were added.

A third band member was photographed separately on a sweep and composited into the original image.

Rainbow Beast on set.

Staining the suits for the digital rainbow paint.

Rainbow Beast on set with the kids for the album art.

The third band member shot on a separate day. She was added to the cover image and used for the art the CD disk.

On-set photo of the band posing for the back of the CD. The grey paint on the floor marked where the rainbow swirls would be added later.


Ransom & Mitchell created the debut CD, poster and PR photographs for the kid-focused rock band Rainbow Beast.

The scene was created by shooting the band members and costumed children on a simple set I designed. I digitally painted the rainbows on the suits and the pool on the ground. The children were shot separately on the same set in white costumes. I digitally colorized the kids clothing and added streams of liquid as the paint.

The third band member was photographed at a different time. Her figure was shot on a sweep and added into the scene digitally. She was also photographed for the pressed CD art, having her lift one leg at a time, which I later cut together to make her appear to float.


Rainbow Beast


CD packaging, press, digital


photography, set design, compositing, digital manipulation

compositing – 50%
digital art – 50%
set design – 1/2 day